Justin Coffey May 4, 2010

Oof. I am not going to say that my comments were taken out of context, but I would like to mention that while at first blush I didn’t think this was AARP spam and that Laura was a smidge light on the research, I did completely agree with the basis of her post: that companies need to a) pay attention to what’s happening with their brand and b) take control when and where necessary of their affiliate programs.

Al May 6, 2010

Justin: The lesson learned here might be that just because Laura isn’t showing all of her cards, that doesn’t mean that she didn’t do her research correctly. Go get ‘em, Laura and Steve!!

Justin Coffey May 11, 2010

Al: In the era of “gotchya blogging” it is apparent that I have been “gotten” whilst I was in the throws of “gotting” Laura. That sounds bad.

In any event, I was clearly mistaken in my initial take on the SPAM and Laura’s instincts and research were better than mine!

Loriann Picotte July 6, 2010

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Mary November 13, 2012

Those awful folks over at aarp keep sending me invoices demanding payment for a membership I NEVER ordered. I am angry. How dare they! This is how they up their membership,thru lies and intimidation.

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