Nick Pizotla July 1, 2011

Though most of us were raised to earn an honest living, people are always looking for that shortcut, that little extra help to get them over the slump and into success. Look no further than the prolific numbers of sites offering work-at-home riches for a small startup fee. Some people just want money as easily as they can get it, and unfortunately, spam provides a very low-impact, easy way to try to generate that money, at the expense of our time and security.

Michael Shoemann July 5, 2011

Spam will never leave the Internet as long as the people behind spam messages will profit from it. Although spam was reduced significantly, many still receive tons of spam emails everyday – YES, this includes me.

For the past two months, China-based and Chinese-language emails keep coming to my inbox. Most of them have Excel attachments.

Also, spams are migrating to social media and SMS.

Jamie Campbell July 6, 2011

It is shocking, isn’t it, that the madness never ends! I wonder how effective they would be if they had accomplished English translators working for them…?

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