Aaron Shuck July 8, 2011

I find this report so confusing and insulting to law enforcement agencies that took down several spam HQs. We should thank those officers. What we should blame are the insecure systems applied by most platforms, such as those used by popular social media.

Social media is on the rise. This is the main reason why spammers are getting more personal with their attacks. With this growth, they should also beef-up their network security.

Ricky Faderland July 8, 2011

There’s always going to be those people trying to make the quick buck. And what spammers and spam victims often fail to realize is that they are often both in that group, only the spammers feed off the more gullible and cooperative.

In that regard, I almost feel like we may be getting to a point where we might reminisce about the good old days of pharmaceutical spam in comparison to malicious, crafted, targeted attacks designed to play against a person’s anxieties or insecurities. When you turn crime into a personal issue, personal lives and vulnerabilties become what’s at stake. Not just money to be gained.

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