Chris Irons August 11, 2011

I think poisoned search results have really amped up botnet membership as well. Obviously you couldn’t really even have a team of people whose job it was to comb the internet, there’s too much existing content and new content propagates too rapidly, but being able to flag a result as bunk using the top search engines would certainly help. Sure, Google allows us to +1 things now, but where the heck is our -1 feature?

Jamie Campbell August 12, 2011

@Chris, great points. Sort of like a neighborhood watch for the ‘net….

Solo_Dude August 13, 2011

They should. This is the only way spammers can counter against spam fighters and sophisticated users. In the world of IT and the Internet, evolution is the key to survive.

Spammers are constantly transforming their ways just to stay alive and make money. They’re always exploring new methods and exploiting vulnerabilities to be ahead of the game.

Now it’s URL rewriting. What’s next?

Jamie Campbell August 14, 2011


If I had to guess what was next, my call would be mayhem and anarchy.

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