SEO_dude September 12, 2011

LOL. It really sucks to be e360. I think the company got what it deserved and I fully support Spamhaus all the way. In fact, we should all be thankful to Spamhaus for its contributions to the Internet.

I’ve been following this “drama” for quite some time now. It was even featured on several mainstream news before. I’m glad it’s now all over.

Jamie Campbell September 12, 2011

SEO_dude, my feelings exactly! Thanks for the show of solidarity.

Connor Christian September 13, 2011

Gotta love tiny judgments, a total slap in the face to the plaintiff.

Still, I wonder why the original judge refused to allow the case to be tried in the United Kingdom? That seems like a pretty strange thing to get hung up on.

Jamie Campbell September 13, 2011

Connor, It was a very odd situation. The Federal judge in the case, Judge Charles Kocoras of the Northern District of Illinois, chose not to consider the jurisdiction issue brought forth by Spamhaus’ lawyers, which prompted Spamhaus to refuse to participate in the case at all. This prompted Kocoras to levy the $11.7 million judgement against Spamhaus.

Why he refused is anybody’s guess, but it certainly brought to light the issues with modern litigation in an IT world.

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