Harry Belaude January 5, 2012

Interesting predictions, and while certainly bold, I suppose it’s the nature of spam and malware that I see the odds of all these things happening as pretty dang high.

I would love for none of them to be true, personally, as I would think 2012 would be a great year if the only news about spam and malware was how it was getting beaten and phased out, but I guess that makes me an optimist.

Malcolm James January 5, 2012

@Harry, nothing wrong with being an optimist, and here’s hoping your wishes for 2012 come true!

Danny Huston January 7, 2012

My prediction is that cloud computing and all other cloud-based and cloud-powered programs will more dynamic and powerful this year. 2011 has been the year of the cloud, more so will be in 2012.

In the next five years, cloud computing will be more affordable that even small and medium businesses can have its system and implement most of cloud’s platforms.

Of course, with cloud’s popularity, also comes the rise of spams, hacks, and other types of malicious online activities.

Anderson N. January 8, 2012

@Danny Houston
I beg to disagree with your statement Danny. Cloud computing still has to prove many things to business-owners especially on the areas of security and stability. I own a small IT business, and some of my colleagues (who also own small tech-based enterprises) are hesitant to migrate fully to the cloud because of several security issues.

The bandwagon thing (organizations joining the trend of shifting their platforms to the cloud) is a myth created by cloud providers to up their sales and manipulate the public.

Hugh Robertson January 9, 2012

Spam will definitely continue to rise this year especially on several social media platforms. I predict Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and all other major social media will have tough times fighting off spams and phishing attacks – not to mention the hacking of users’ accounts as well. And speaking of hacks, this malicious activity will become cloud computing’s major issue in 2012 and beyond. Anonymous will change its name and become a more formal group. It will also have stronger presence somewhere in Asia and the developing countries.

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