Neil Wright April 4, 2012

The thing about spam is certainly that even the most educated users sometimes fall for it as well, it just has to appeal to something they feel that they want or need. You could be a decades-experienced hardware developer, but if you click on that email promising the funniest cat videos, you’re just as guilty as those who fall for 419 scams. As for hilarious IT stories, well…I could fill up this comments section myself with some of those.

Ashley Miguel April 16, 2012

I certainly agree to this. As users, we have to be responsible enough when using our computers specially in dealing with the complicated online world.

Sites like these can serve as a common ground to people who wants useful information about computers. We all make mistakes, there is no exception to that. But the end-users just need proper guidance and correct information in dealing with spam and viruses. No one wishes to encounter a dilemma when using a computer. If you get rid of the users, then who will appreciate all the functions of the computer. And by the way, I like the error window box appearing in this article.

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