Joe Banner April 19, 2012

That is a much more sympathetic approach than the ol’ Nigerian prince thing. This certainly does mark a drastic change in spam’s approach appealing to something besides fear or greed: decency. And that’s something much easier to exploit because people will let go of common sense to try and make sacrifices to do the right thing.

Kate Fick April 23, 2012

I love puppies as pets! Pictures of puppies like these are very heart-warming and inviting. Though I have not received an email as such but I definitely would also fall for it. The story truly touches one’s heart and I am a very helpful person. Sad to say to the spammer that I don’t get easily fooled with a story specially if it involves money. Regardless how much is involved, my point is, I like to pay for stuffs that I immediately get in return. I don’t like to wait.

So there, let us all be cautious of every transaction that we put ourselves into.

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