Peter Kramer April 24, 2012

Sometimes, it’s not necessarily that money is being made that’s why certain industries still exist. Sometimes, it just means that the industry is perceived to be profitable that people are willing to create start ups to get into the business, and yet most of those start ups end up losing money, still.

Just like with some industries, as a company folds up, two new ones crop up, optimistic that they can do things better, and thus can generate money out of it.

Reading the title prompted me to read more, expecting to know how many millions are lost through loss of productivity due to spamming. And as you wrote about the lack of imperative data, I, too, realized, yes, it can be difficult, too, to determine the info I expected.

Interesting article, though.

Greg Jensen April 24, 2012

Likewise, I am sure there are plenty of spammers who are making little to no money, but the beauty, or rather ugliness of spam is that a great deal of it can be automated, and even if it fails, it’s not costing its sender a great deal of money or resources. If you’re patient, or clever, it could really be a win-win situation for the spammer, and a lose-lose situation for the spammed.

asnah binti ali April 19, 2013

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