Phil Vogel May 18, 2012

If you’ll pardon the cynicism, it sounds to me like these security professionals are a little jealous that a company whose main focus is not on security itself. If these allegations are true, then sure, Microsoft needs to get on the level with their practices. But if they’re taking down botnets, I don’t care if they do it Dirty Harry-style. Just get the job done.

Arven Tholly May 26, 2012

I agree with Phil. The way I see it, those critics are just piggybacking on the story and the popularity of Microsoft. Isn’t the story familiar?
A young, unknown renegade points to the fault of a bigger known institution. Don’t we just love rebels who take down the big and seemingly mean?

Because of those criticisms, they get free press. They get known as people who “doing measures against spam” or “investigating” those spammers without them having really to prove that they are.

Microsoft’s action might not have made a significant dent in the spamming industry, but it’s a good step. Yes, why don’t we just be nice, applaud a bit, and just continue the crusade in our little way.

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