George Silveira May 8, 2012

Some people I know are actually taking offense to the notion that they may be losing internet connection(they haven’t clicked on the links I send, preferring to let paranoia take over), which I find ridiculous. For the FBI to shut down a botnet, and then be considerate and install a grace period before burying the corpse, I hope that we have to face many more “Internet doomsdays” to come.

Cathy Tess May 13, 2012

All these Doomsday(s) talks make me laugh whether it’s the Mayans, or the FBI, or the UFO, etc. When we don’t check our systems, Doomsday might be sooner, like today. So don’t get fooled by all this Doomsday talk but do your job and then there will be no Doomsday(s). Pretty simple! :)

Harry Moore May 15, 2012

Oh, the perrenial Doomsday talk. It never stops. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Yet, we’re still here. And, of course, the net will still be here come July 9.

This reminds me so much of the Y2K bug talk, though this is with less impact. Funny how people are so dependent on the internet now. I even find myself checking the net when I wake up. We need to wean ourselves from the net from time to time. It could be therapeutic, refreshing and, yes, productive. And, maybe, if we do this, we won’t get scared too much of news of losing it for good.

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