Don Kamura May 29, 2012

Too much greed puts anyone in a spotlight. If the botnet activity did not increase, it would be probable that he could still operate until now. Geez, he was making a lot of money already. Why want more? You really can’t satisfy the insatiable human greed. Indeed, oftentimes our own enemy is ourselves.

But, please, throw out the ignoramus plea. If you are brilliant enough to have created it, you would know what it would be used for. So, no, sorry. I, for one, don’t believe your defense. And it neither did the court which convicted this guy. So, who’s next?

Lauren Ayers May 29, 2012

He had no idea what people were doing with his botnet? Really? That’s like starting a “Getaway Car Service” and thinking that by not asking any questions you aren’t involved in the crime. He deserves his punishment and hopefully he learns his lesson in the slammer.

Jessica Craig May 30, 2012

Music to my years! Every major spammer behind bars is good news! Too bad the void is quickly filled by somebody else but silence from spammers, even temporarily, is always good! It so nice to see that a spammer can be sentenced for his crimes. :)

Daniella Montes May 31, 2012

Just four years? That time can easily go by, you know. Lawmakers and regulators need to make it more painful for spammers to do their job.

Come to think of it. How easy is it to choose between 1 million vs 4 years in jail? And getting that 4 years is even less probable than getting that 1 million. How many people are getting those sentences? Barely less than 20, I think. And how many people have already had millions from doing that illegal act? My confident guess would be more than a hundred.

See how inadequate our legislations are against these things. Time to dial up our congressmen!

Kenn February 21, 2013

@Daniella Montes – 4 years in an Armenian prison is probably worth 16 years in the Hilton Hotels we call prisons in the US. He probably won’t even survive his term. If he does, he will have Hep C, be emaciated and a hollow shell of his old self. 4 years is probably sufficient!

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