Charles McGoner May 31, 2012

I could just imagine how that money can help a lot of poor communities, not just in third world countries, but even here in right in our backyard. The US has its share of poverty, too, you know, sprinkled in almost every state.

That’s why I also go for harsher penalties for spammers. It might be a white collar crime, but the way it is siphoning much needed resources from where it should be needed, it should be in the same classification as murder. Large companies who is in this fight should not only use their resources to investigate and go after those criminals, they should also use their money to get lobbyists to hound our legislators to pass stiff laws against spam.

Lucas Stockton June 1, 2012

When you think about spam in these terms and not just in time and money spent on protection, it becomes almost a human rights violation. Of course, spammers aren’t the first to put their needs ahead of the needs of us all in the name of a quick buck, but they certainly are some of the most universally reviled. With the rise in techno warfare, I would expect to see more funding put into the defense budget to protect us from exploits that spams and scams might try to take advantage of to access confidential information.

Jessica Craig June 7, 2012

I won’t be surprised if the money spent on spam surpasses the amount of money a state spends on healthcare or education. This is just sad! This money could be used in much better ways!

Todd Mayner July 1, 2012

And yet we think the fight with spam is not enough.

It is never enough until we see it dwindle to a negligible number. But, resources are scarce and scarce resources need to be allocated effectively. I agree that some things are better spent on healthcare and education. But, I would not agree that we compromise our fight against spam for spending on our CURRENT healthcare and education system.

Much of the decline in health among citizens are due to poor lifestyle. Spend on reducing obesity and I’ll support the re-allocation of finances, rather than spend on money to hospitalized people with heart disease who are not careful about their diet.

I’m going political here but I don’t want to mince words. It is not just about the lack of resources, it is also how those resources are spent.

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