Connie Ryan June 12, 2012

I have to wonder which companies are going to be security-savvy enough to get their hands on the leaked LinkedIn data (hey, if it’s out there…) and use it to determine employment for candidates looking to fill jobs that handle sensitive information. If they can’t even keep their social networks safe, how can they be trusted with confidential company data?

Krista Palo June 17, 2012

I’m a long Android fan and was a victim (several times!) of several apps that purport to do one thing but all they really do is bombard you with ads.

I like Android still, and Google apps have been very, very useful for me. I could literally work with just my phone. However, Google should be more stringent with their third party developers given how prevalent spamming is and how particularly naive most users are.

I can’t say much about the iOS or BB or Ovi Store or how effective they are in pruning the apps that go into their store, but I sure do hope they all are more conscious about these things.

Danika Thomson June 29, 2012

With the penchant for oversharing and the exponential increase of online behaviour among the later generations, it is not surprising that phishing and distribution of malware through social media sites has been growing in attempts.

Email, in fact, is no longer the preferred means of communication. If you want your message read immediately, send a Facebook or LinkedIn message in private or through a group. People look up their social media accounts more often within the day than their emails. It is discouraging to note, however, that these sites have not kept upon with the intrusions of malware and phishing attacks and have not beefed up their security measures to put them at bay.

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