Geraldine Conan June 10, 2012

Conspiracy theories are always interesting and scary. But this is not just a theory anymore. The possibility of US citizens getting hit by malware from enemies of the state, or a malware disrupting power grids is not farfetched.

The probability of terrorists moving the battleground from physical grounds to the web is not just for movie writers anymore. We are, after all, a nation of web addicts. And, unfortunately, we are also not a nation devoid of people “who [don’t] think much about the thumb drive in their hand.” Now, becoming stup*d with our personal information security not only means getting robbed of personal information, it would also mean a setback for civilized society if US will be successfully attached by those cyber-terrorists.

BJ Watson June 10, 2012

While we can sit around and talk about how annoying spam is and what we can all do to stop it, unfortunately no such alternative really exists if the government wants to use us as botnet draftees in some great cyber-war. We can either be as tight and secure with our systems as possible and hope for the best, or break out the tin foil hats and caulk our ethernet ports shut. As more of these attacks leak and become public, we may find out we’ve already been fighting a war for years and never have realized it.

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