William Yorke June 21, 2012

Okay, at first I thought “If Microsoft wants to ‘repurpose’ spammers, surely it will be to help them fight spam, much like the NSA brings hackers on board.” Then that question turned to “Why isn’t Microsoft doing the thing I just thought they were going to do?”, which then became “Who does this possibly benefit?” And then finally, I started howling gibberish and hitting my keyboard with a large stone.

Jessica McPhee June 28, 2012

It’s perplexing, at best. What did Microsoft expect? That the so-called spammers will line up at their doorstep begging to be “reformed” and hired? I can’t seem to immediately see the logic of this “campaign”, maybe it’s a creative way to point out that the fight against spam is winning and they’re just being humanitarian towards the losers or casualties?
What most people need to understand, however, s that reform takes on a very slow process. And, “spammers” have a different psyche than alcoholics or addicts. They’re criminals, not victims of substance abuse. At some level this just seems hilarious. But, I didn’t fully wrap my head around it as MS seems insidiously confused.

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