Donald Tomale June 27, 2012

Dumbing it down? Wow, I didn’t see that. I never knew anyone who fell for those tricks (goes to show I only associate with intelligent people), that’s why I often wonder how ever could they make money out of those scams.

Well, it looks like they did, and they did it pretty efficiently well. Pruning less vulnerable people early on is magic. I never realized those people are brilliant, I must admit. Maybe that’s why up to this day, those type of scams, not necessarily from Nigeria, still abound. Goes to show how many gullible people are still around and are born every minute.

Clint Brooks June 27, 2012

That is a pretty enlightening look at what most of us consider to be the most beatable scam out there. For them to purposely make us tune out instantly just so they only work with people who will fall for it? ….Suddenly, I’m the one who feels stupid even after reading the poor grammar in those emails.

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