Sweet Milano July 23, 2012

Although I am all for celebrating small victories and all (this is not just a small victory, by the way), I also don’t want to linger much on a party or rest on laurels.

Even if let’s say the accurate figure is 50%, there is still more to be done to take it out. Remember, taking down a bunch of small operations permanently is more difficult. Why? Because those operations are small, it is easier to restart. That’s why cells are better in tactical operations than a huge network. After all, elephants don’t dance.

So, let’s press on. There is still the other 50% to work on. Or 83%, if we take CNN’s figures.

Jessica Craig July 24, 2012

Hahaha! Good laugh! C’mon, can anybody believe this? Judging by the amount of spam in my inbox, I must be living on another planet because even if there is increase in global spam, it seems it has missed my inbox. This 50% thing sounds more like an election claim to me. This can’t be true, these people are not serious, or they are troubled in some way to say such incredible things.

Danilo Samuelson July 28, 2012

Game over? Not yet.

I’m sure we’ve tried playing a game or two. Winning means taking out the opponent. 50% is hardly a real victory. But, I understand the premature celebration. It is a hard battle, after all. It is a hard, protracted and complicated battle, indeed. And truth be told, the economic benefits of those fighting against spam is less than the benefits of successfully spamming people off their data and money.

And, yes, I understand Jessica’s skepticism. I still see some spam in my inbox for some of my accounts. But I’m curious, Jessica. Which email account are you talking about? Work-related, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail?

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