Jessica Craig July 17, 2012

As for opening spam, I think it won’t hurt, though it is an overkill for sure, if users continue not to open spam messages. It is true that opening the message itself usually is safe, I’d better be safe than sorry and would go on with keeping the email unopened. Or in case of doubt, contact your sysadmin.

Fred July 17, 2012

I setup Thunderbird to only download headers from the server and have trained my users to only download the rest of the messages from people they know or legit new customers.
Not fool-proof by any means but reduces the server load on the obvious crap.

Jack Mayner July 28, 2012

@Fred, sad to say that Mozilla is halting the development of Thunderbird for one reason o.r another. But yes, I agree, better to not just open an email if it certainly looks be spam.

But sometimes if a friend’s email account is being compromised and is being used to send malicious emails, you still end up opening it anyway. Don’t fret, there is yet to be a technology that will allow the distribution of malware by just opening the email. Further action is needed for the malware to wreck its havoc. User orientation is still necessary and should often be repeated as people do tend to forget.

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