Cody Taggart July 4, 2012

I think there has been a victory, but it’s hollow. Spam emails are simply not nearly as effective at even being seen as they once were. The downside is that other channels of attack are wide open and are working swimmingly for the scammers. So the next step is to keep a slow increase on fighting email spam and ramp up our defenses on social networks, phishing, and more.

Jessica Craig July 13, 2012

I doubt the drop in email spam is that big, if any. Also, the number of phishing emails seems unbelievably low. I just wonder what their methodology for the survey was because the figures seem unrealistically lowered.

Wes Casper July 25, 2012

I’m all in the support for the conclusion that spam and phishing attacks have spread their targets and not just to email users. They are moving towards social media sites where people are more emotionally invested in their interactions and less guarded in their dealings.

So, I say no. The victory is not real. The fight to protect people’s and companies’ data and money, and even reputations is not just about the fight against email spam, it is spam and phishing attacks in general.

That means that our user education should be amended and repeated numerous times. People tend to forget what they learn and they tend not to be able to apply the same degree of vigilance they have with their emails to their other online activities.

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