Cathy Tess July 13, 2012

I’m surprised by this significant increase. However, email spam is accountable for only 14%, which is very low to me. It seems the most of reported spam goes to calls – probably people are still less aware of email spam than they are about spam over more traditional media, such as the phone.

Lovelle Taniana July 28, 2012

Actual numbers are different from reported numbers. An upsurge in reported cases, is not really indicative of an upsurge in actual spam.

But, this is a good development. I often espouse that propoer prosecution of spammers will only be effective if there are financial repercussions. Getting fined $1M for an activity that will potentially yield only $500K would certainly discourage spammers. Although, it might sound punitive but if you consider the loss of productivity and money, I deem it just necessary to fine that much.

Good thing for UK to take the lead on this good legislation. I wonder when other countries will follow suit.

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