Rose Raynolds August 31, 2012

This has happened to me. I didn’t believe I could become a victim because I do have antimalware software and don’t visit suspicious sites/click on suspicious links but nevertheless, I got infected. When my friends and the other people on my Contact list started calling me, I couldn’t believe it. I changed my password from a secure computer and this was it.

Dosmond August 31, 2012

So far, I haven’t been an unknown spammer, but a lot of my friends are and I’m one of the recipients of their annoying mail. There’s only one thing I keep in mind and tell them when dealing with spam: think before you click. Sure, you can have all these software running up and smooth, but if you don’t use your own judgment or sensibility, you’ll still end up becoming a potential “spammer.” Unless you’re sure the attachments or the e-mails are from someone you know, please don’t do anything about or with them.

Matthew Cook August 31, 2012

Nobody wants to be a spammer for sure, but I became
one when an idiot decided to hack into my account. I truly feel ashamed about
it. It’s just a good thing those who received the email know me so well they
didn’t pay too much attention about it but reported me to my email provider.
Well, my account was suspended. What can you expect? But I’m thankful still. At
least, it didn’t harm anybody else. Perhaps others can share their experiences too.
I love to know what happened and how you guys were able to kick spam in the

Nympha Robles August 31, 2012

It’s truly a sad day for me. This post hits me
right at the heart. Someone just hacked into my account and use it to spread
spam. I’m just thankful a have good friends who were concerned about what I
sent and immediately called me. I’ve already changed my password and improved
my security settings. I’ve also scanned the PC, and there were a lot of
malware. Goodness. The system says it’s already clean, but still I’m not too
confident about it. I’m still so worried! It’s so different when you are have
been compromised. It feels like someone just intrudes your personal space.

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