Neil August 20, 2012

This is strange – I thought you were talking about making money from spam – i.e. the security industry – but you’re actually talking about the COST of spam not the WORTH of spam…

Lou Yard August 22, 2012

I think $20 billion is an underestimate. Yes, it is a serious figure but I think it is way too low. $50 is more believable to me. $200 in revenues for spammers is also believable. OK, they do have expenses but still there is lot of money left. If there is money in spam, it will be fueled further. I wonder if revenues from spam compare to revenues from drugs – the only difference being spam is not that strongly prosecuted and the sentences, if any, are much lower.

Karl Wright August 28, 2012

“Finally, at a worth of $20 billion, if it waits a
few weeks, spam will be able to buy Facebook.” This actually cracked me up a
bit. A good funny way to start the day. But he’s actually spot on, and I
definitely pity small online businesses or even those who are simply building
their online presence for whatever reason. Even the small enterprises have to
invest a huge amount of money just to fight spam, and yet they’re still there,
rearing their ugly heads every time. I’m wondering what the government is doing
about this. They should be helping out spam fighters.

James Christopher August 28, 2012

@Karl : Hi there, mate! You woke up a bit too late,
ey? Anyway, you’re also right. I am asking the same question. Isn’t there a law
that should put a stop to spam? So what are they doing about it? Perhaps they’re
thinking, “Oh, these are huge companies. They can beat the crap out of them.”
But how about the small ones? (your idea) I know there’s more to this world
than spam, but we’re moving in a digital age, and soon this is going to be just
as important as climate change and war. I hope before we get into that point,
we already have the best solution.

Mary Hernandez August 28, 2012

@Karl and @James, you boys are awesome! I certainly
wish all the guys think of things that way. @Karl, you are also correct, and
you have said one of the best thoughts to ponder on. With all these concerns
about spam going on for many years, we should already have found concrete
root-killing solutions. But spam is still like cancer; it continues to thrive as
well as attack with no cure in sight. I hope this study is read by millions of
businesses who can perhaps lobby together to the government to enforce the
anti-spam law in full force.

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