Lisa S. August 30, 2012

Yeah, figures convince bosses. Thanks for the data, I will use it. It’s much different when you say a respectable security firm says phishing costs more than $115 million a month, and that this is a lowerish estimate. Many bosses just think all these phishing, spam, scam, etc. stuff is merely a way to pump money for security but when figures speak, this says more to a boss!

Mike Caulter September 4, 2012

These days only the crazy bosses, the idiot ones,
who don’t believe in spam. Most of them fortunately are aware of the problem
and are desperate for help. However, they don’t have any idea on what to do.
Hey, even security administrators don’t have the answers either. So I don’t
expect small-time regular entrepreneurs to have one. But I hope these statistics
will be a wakeup call for everyone. No one should be foolish these days to
completely ignore spam. Otherwise, they’re bound to be added to the figures of
recent victims, and they’re not going to like it one bit.

Steven September 7, 2012

Whoa! I did not know spam is that serious! Wow, that is a lot of money, something we desperately need now that the entire world is in recession. What’s the government been doing? I heard the Feds are taking concrete and huge steps on compromises in security certificates, but still I’m not sure if there are any results to the decision. It’s just too sad to realize that nothing—absolutely nothing—can spare us from spam. We simply have to look in our inbox to know this. And the more they come, the more we are exposed to their tricks.

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