Mike Caulter September 19, 2012

Thumbs up for this one! In fact, I consider this as one of the best forms of defense against spam, and all companies, whether huge or small, should take time to create trainings and policies on how to prevent and even handle spam. I’ve noticed that most of the spam e-mails I received are from friends who have very poor security controls. So sometimes I teach them how to ensure spam doesn’t happen again to them. And I encourage them to share this knowledge to their loved ones. Hey, that gives me an idea. Maybe companies can come up with a “pay it forward” training program, you know, these employees teach others how to beat spam.

Elizabeth Myrnes September 20, 2012

It would be really nice to think things this way. I believe we have been through a lot, to hell and back, just to fight off spam. A lot of my friends who are putting up their own online businesses are also investing thousands of dollars just to keep this problem at bay. They also spend on trainings, so I really hope that their employees are paying close attention. The trainings, moreover, can be shared to friends as well as family member since they too are vulnerable or expose to spam. Anyway, this is such a good article. Very insightful.

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