Maria Ortiz September 12, 2012

I think the article at SEOBook doesn’t deal with email spammers, which is what we usually mean by spammers, it probably deals with link building spam. I read the article but I couldn’t find anything about email spamming. I could be wrong, of course, I am far from being a spam or SEO expert.

Becky Shatner September 13, 2012

Oh, this is certainly not the most fantastic news right now. I am not an SEO specialist, but I’m a small business owner. I’m one of those who believe that organic SEO is the best thing there is when it comes to Internet marketing. I am closely working with a local SEO company, and I know they’re working real hard for me. This basically explains why my website’s ranks have been unstable, and the guys have to do a lot of changes just to improve them. Then I find out today that it’s all about this so-called patent language (whatever that means). It’s just terrible!

David Miller September 13, 2012

Simply put, because of spammers we are all f*ed up. Thank you! This is just so unbelievable! I am not really part of the core team, the SEO team, since I’m dealing with applications. But I know a lot of guys who are currently in the field, and I certainly pity them because of this news. It’s like all their efforts are in vain because they cannot assure them of the most accurate rankings. Worse, they are at the risk of being labeled by some “algorithm” as spam. To make things worse, they have an unfair disadvantage knowing there’s nothing they can do with mathematical mumbo-jumbo.

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