Jason Rogers October 20, 2012

This is the other side of the coin – when legit messages are reported as spam and there is no way to check if they are really spam or not. I myself don’t believe spam Down There increased 6 times in the last year, the numbers might be due to wrongful reporting of legit messages as spam. On the other hand, 900 reports a day for a big country as Australia is is still low.

Dee Lee October 21, 2012

I guess this should not be surprising anymore, considering Australia is one of the most spammed countries in the world. But isn’t there a law that protects their online users from spamming? What ever happened to them? I know I should not say this, but somehow I felt relieved that this problem is not unusual anymore. With more people complaining, perhaps nations will learn to cooperate with each other so they can all together put a definite stop to spamming and other kinds of scamming in the Internet. I think that’s one of the best ways to protect the interests of their people.

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