Chuck October 16, 2012

I’ve read a couple of days ago that a lot of thieves, burglars, and other traditional criminals are using social media and other online tools like e-mail to not only target their victims but also plan their course of attack. I really found the news disturbing, as it only means it’s not just your personal identity or your money is on the line. You can really find yourself in great danger. You’re putting your life at such a great risk. To make things even worse, perhaps even the ones you love are placed in the same situation. We should really be careful when it comes to spammers.

Mark Lopez October 17, 2012

Hmmm.. okay so why is it called 5 things when the ultimate reason why spammers continue to bombard us is money? But I think that’s beside the point, right? The bottom line is these spammers will always have the reason to annoy us. Over the last few years, I’ve learned to co-exist with spam. When they come, I delete or block them. Most of the time, I report them. That’s how I try to help humanity. However, recently things changed. It’s harder for me now to differentiate real and fake e-mails because the latter now sound true. I know that these vicious people have learned to adapt and be more scheming.

Cathy Tess October 20, 2012

Mark is right that it is all about the money that spammers like us. The points in the article are just 5 ways in which spammers can make money from us. He is also right that we just need to learn how to co-exist with them and yes, report them because this helps other people to get less spam.

Rudolf Qnan November 2, 2012

Not if you have McAfee security installed in your computer or tablets.
And or if you have pocket protection on your credit cards.
Credit cards cover all, and they could maybe track the thief information by tracking the product they bought using your cards.

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