Richard Ramirez October 24, 2012

Russia missing from the list? I don’t believe it! As for India, I also tend to believe that its first place is due mainly to zombies. If there are many new computers at home and offices and many unexperienced administrators or no administrators at all, then it is quite possible that these machines are easy victims.

Marty November 1, 2012

Before it was Australia, and now India? Seriously! I think every country is a spammer! I know a lot of Americans are. But I hope those who are reading this should not place all the blame on the Indians. Most of them are just doing their jobs coming from corporate America. Anyway, more than this, let’s think about how to eventually end spam. That’s what we should be focusing on, because as far as I know, the efforts the government and others are making are not enough. We still receive a lot of spam every day, and many still fall victim to it.

Aussie August 16, 2014

ALL my SEO spam comes from Indians. They are a big pain in the arse.

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