Maria Ortiz October 5, 2012

To my surprise, I answered almost all questions correctly. I didn’t know I can give more than one answers to a question, so I gave only ‘a’ to 8. Btw, isn’t ‘b’ correct for 8 as well?

Margaux October 5, 2012

The third one is right. It’s possible that even those we know can send us spam. I should know because I’ve been a victim once. I have to make this very clear, though, that my friend didn’t have the intention to spam. It’s just that his account was hacked (that’s why you should be very careful in using your e-mail especially in public). On the other hand, I don’t find maintaining three e-mails comfortable, though it does have some point. It’s just too time-consuming and sometimes hard to do that. I know many Internet users prefer to collate their different e-mails.

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