Davinci October 9, 2012

Haha! I just finished reading that blog post about Twitter. A few days ago, I came across the article about Amazon. Then this one. I really can’t help but comment. It looks like there’s no letting up! It seems they’re all of a sudden coming up with a very aggressive campaign. Is this going to be in exchange for the gradual decrease of spam? It wouldn’t be long before all the websites and apps we loved have already been hijacked by these scammers. The more that we wouldn’t feel safe browsing online. I really hope the authorities can also dig deeper into this issue.

Lisa S. October 10, 2012

Their timing surprises me a bit – this type of scam is more suitable for the end of the financial year, or maybe now they are targeting budget preparation time or something? The worst is that it looks so real, nothing like the Nigerian princes and other such stuff.

Rob Dawson October 12, 2012

I definitely agree with Davinci. It is scaring the shit out of me right now since I am not working with a professional bookkeeper but relying on these tools to help me out. A lot of my friends are using the software too. So if this gets messed up by spam or any kind of hijacking, just imagine what kind of problem it can give us, especially when it comes to our finances. But I’m also wondering if someone has decided to bring this matter up to Quickbooks. I haven’t received any formal announcement from them—or did I just miss it?

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