Rose Smith October 20, 2012

I totally agree that if you piss a customer with unwanted emails, you lose them and I wonder if marketers are that dumb not to understand this. I’ve already started receiving Christmas themed emails – both spam and (supposedly) legitimate. Wait, aren’t there other holidays, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving to spam me about first, or do we jump straight to Christmas?

Alice Cooper October 21, 2012

The article is spot-on! However, it’s sad to note that not a lot of people will get to realize this. Our concept of spam has been very limited to the nonsense crappy e-mails we receive from strangers and, most of all, scammers. We don’t know that even those we trust can invade our e-mails with a lot of ads and hard selling without our permission at all. I say, let’s unsubscribe to businesses that do this. This is how we can truly show that we are against all types of spamming, even those from big-time companies and legitimate businesses.

Abigael Lauder November 7, 2012

This is actually what’s happening to me right now! All of my subscribed businesses wouldn’t just stop from sending their e-mails. Well, I do read some of them, because they’re nice, and a good number of them provide great offers. But some of them can really get on your nerves, you know, borderline annoying that the next best thing you’d like to do is to press the Unsubscribe button. I wonder when companies will learn to also manage their mails. Receiving two in a day is even too much for me, but this is the condition I am in for the past few weeks.

Malcolm James November 14, 2012

Stay strong, Abigael! It can be frustrating, and some companies just don’t seem to get that we’re not waiting anxiously for their promotional offers.

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