Lisa S. October 28, 2012

The problems is that these words, i.e. ‘invoice’, ‘document’, ‘statement’, etc. are common in legit emails as well, so if you set a filter to catch emails that contain them, many legit emails will fall victim as well. The words on the list are common for sure but I only wonder why the number 8 (i.e. number 13 in the list) is so common with phishers. Any explanation?

Jeff Orloff October 28, 2012

Very true, but you can teach your users to be on the lookout for certain words used in phishing attacks. As for the number 8, I am not too sure why it is so commonly used but it is something I will look into.

Shanna Lang November 1, 2012

If there’s one thing I digest out of the list is this: these spammers and phishers are taking advantage of the growing phenomenon of e-commerce. Millions of people are shopping online! That’s true, since I’ve been doing that myself. If you can refer back to the list, there’s shipping and shopping processes. Now I can also assume that most of those who fall victim to these phishing schemes have also given their credit card details to these criminals. That’s such unfortunate as that would mean their identities are also stolen in the process. Hopefully more will pay attention to the dangers of phishing.

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