Lisa S. November 19, 2012

Hm, why didn’t they spam me with a free pizza, instead? Seriously, I think this class-action lawsuit, if the people win, will be very efficient in teaching Papa John and all other spammers a valuable lesson – spam and you will lose money. This is the way to deal with spam – hit them in the pocket!

Rizzo November 20, 2012

Wow, just wow. Now somebody—no, a lot of them—are really taking a proactive stance against spamming. That should really scare off those companies that think because they are already huge and popular, they can already do whatever they want, including spamming inboxes. We can also help too. What if we also boycott their products? That should at the very least make them more apologetic and promise never to do it again ever. I honestly pray this will set ignite the movement against spamming by corporate people. I know that many of them are already abusing their so-called mailing list.

Steven November 22, 2012

Well, that’s about right! Plenty of these businesses think they can get away with spamming because they’re already popular entities. Perhaps they just have a wrong idea about spamming. Perhaps they believe that only those scheming scammers and profiteers with hardly any legitimate online or offline business to speak of will do that. It escaped from their minds that spamming is anything that is unsolicited, and it covers even those who have already unsubscribed to the mailing list if they keep receiving something in their inbox. I’m with you, @Rizzo. I definitely hope that this will serve a lesson for the corporate.

Melanie Rivers November 30, 2012

“I think it’s really time for companies such as Papa John’s to learn to respect other people’s space. Just because they’re legitimate and popular doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want, including sending text messages to basically anyone! But I just wonder, what did it take some time before these people get to sue the company? Is it because they’re still gathering plaintiffs?
On the other hand, I think that this should be a sign for us that if someone tends to abuse whatever power he has in any way, we should learn to stand up and correct the problem. Otherwise, it will never stop but only get worse.

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