Richard Ramirez November 14, 2012

Basically, ISPs don’t have that many options to detect spammers in advance. You can’t blacklist a customer only because you have the gut feeling he or she is a spammer. What was alarming was that there were spam-friendly ISPs. Probably now they are gone or at least their number has been greatly reduced and this is why spammers are looking for holes in other providers to fill the gap.

Malcolm James November 14, 2012

I hope the spam-friendly ISPs are gone, but as long as there’s a buck to be made, there will be immoral people who take advantage.

Becky Shatner November 15, 2012

When spammers are able to get through the deeper parts of the hierarchy, you know that the problem is on its way to be getting out of hand. Though I definitely salute the efforts of all the Internet service providers, the story also leaves me gravely concerned. Just imagine if at least one or two of these ISPs fall to a few of these sign-ups, and the smart hacker or scammer is able to break in to the system. That basically leaves all other member accounts vulnerable to phishing and more spamming. Of course, these scammers mean a huge financial loss for ISPs.

Amanda Spencer November 17, 2012

I also commend the efforts of these ISPs. I know it’s scaring them shitless. I for one am frightened having learned about this. If these ISPs, which are known for their incredible technologies and security (I hope), are susceptible to them, then what does that make me? It also makes me think that this is just the start. They will do more in the future, and their actions may eventually cost these business millions and a lot of accounts at a huge risk of being stolen and used for evil purposes. Yes, I may sound so morbid, but hey, isn’t spamming and phishing getting worse?

Amanda Spencer December 3, 2012

Hmm.. any update on this? It seems like I’m the last one to comment here, so I’m wondering if I am the last one to truly care about this. I’ve been searching for some news related to this but couldn’t find any. I really hope that ISPs are able to deal with this issue effectively and quickly. Otherwise, I may have to think about ending my contract with an ISP for a while until this gets resolved. I don’t think I can risk the possibility of having my personal information stolen and be used by cybercriminals.

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