Sharon November 30, 2012

Spell scary, but the article is actually right! Dangerous spam is everywhere! What makes things even worse is the fact that it may not be that long before they gain their entrance to mobile strategies, such as mobile e-mailing or banking. In fact, this has already been proven before. Remember the more than 40 apps that were actually malware? That’s actually a huge number, which could mean thousands of potentially infected mobile phones. And as companies take advantage of BYOD, the phones become more vulnerable since they contain more confidential corporate data.

Kim Parker November 30, 2012

If retailers announced discounts on their sites, not only via email, this will be a huge blow against spammers. Now, even if we know not to fall for links in emails but go straight to the site, this is useless because some really hot discount is nowhere to be seen there and can be found only by following a link. This is the trap!

Isabel Foster December 1, 2012

Yes, indeed! In fact, I’ve been receiving almost all types of spam since August. That early! But maybe spammers are working double time since it’s the holiday season. But I would also like to remind everyone here that we should also not be spammers. I know that we love to greet our friends or perhaps sell some of our goodies (if you’re into business or something), but please learn to respect other people’s space. I should say this because a good friend of mine just decided to e-mail me about “fun Christmas gift ideas” more than 5 times the past 2 weeks.

Steven December 2, 2012

Honestly, every day should be a time to be aware of spam, as a lot of them are beginning to sound like regular e-mails. One time, I received a lengthy e-mail about a supposed job offer in Los Angeles, a city I’ve been secretly dreaming to live in. The content was fantastic, the salary was awesome, and the benefits are to die for. However, I decided not to answer back when, at the end of the e-mail, it requested me to input my personal information in a website that was so suspicious looking. I really felt frustrated. In fact, I still do.

Alfred December 3, 2012

What makes spam more difficult to deal with is the fact they’re sounding very close to legitimate mails. I once received a supposed Christmas card from a long-distant relative. To view it, I needed to click on the link. As expected in any spam, it eventually led to a pharmacy website selling drugs I have never heard of in my entire life. I still don’t know if there are other consequences to my action (like their system has recorded my e-mail address or whatever). I may find out in the next few days. But again, it was truly a foolish decision.

Malcolm James December 7, 2012

All great comments, folks. Just remember to beef up your spam security and get your Christmas shopping done before the 25th.

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