Maria Ortiz December 11, 2012

Wasn’t Zeus a botnet that was taken down just months ago? Wasn’t it proclaimed a huge victory back then? It seems this botnet managed to get back on its feet much faster than we thought. Those, whose jobs involve work with attachments and banks are most exposed to the risk – the rest of us can simply choose to ignore the attachment and stay safe.

Mark Lopez December 18, 2012

Here’s what I think about banks: when it comes to IT security, they haven’t fully evolved. Simply put, they remained to be less developed, so they are the ones that are also most volatile. Let’s not forget too that money is basically with them. It’s just too sad to think that when it comes to threats such as this, we are very much helpless. We’ve never been the one ahead. So we always have to be in the defense, the ones who should be careful. I hope I’d still be around when the time comes that I don’t have to worry about such a thing since scammers will be scared to do it.

Noel Flanders January 2, 2013

Even if the holidays are over, spam just continue to pour in. Now they’re taking advantage of the fiscal cliff, and it wouldn’t be too long before they can come up with something that’s related to Valentine’s Day. I think one of the reasons why they’re doing this is because their e-mails don’t sound so disconnected anymore. It’s a far cry from the Nigerian prince or the estate stories a long time ago. And because they are relevant to the time, the chances of being opened are increased, which also boost the click rate of the links. Simply put, they find greater success doing this one.

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