Marky Lopez January 16, 2013

Everyone, especially Canadians, has all the right to complain about such legislation. The article was right in saying that it’s actually good. You scare those would-be spammers with hefty fines in the hopes they’ll quit their ugly business. But yeah, it doesn’t work that way. Laws are completely futile until they are strongly enforced, which in this case is an action that is still waiting to happen. But I’d like to give Canada the benefit of the doubt or the leeway. It’s a very new legislation. Besides, even in America where the anti-spamming law has been around for years, only a handful are really penalized or arrested. Perhaps in due time we’ll hear about the first casualty. Let’s just hope it’s very soon, though.

Maria Ortiz January 16, 2013

This is definitely a case when money talks. If money prevails, I’m afraid other countries might follow and even those countries where there are tight anti-spam laws, will change them. This will be a huge step backwards. Let’s hope that Canada gov’t isn’t that corrupt.

Dominic Rocco January 17, 2013

Hi, Maria, as far as I know, Canada isn’t that corrupt. I should say “that corrupt” because I believe all countries have some form of corruption. Anyway, Canada belongs to one of the best-managed countries in the world, but it still has its own weaknesses or limitations. I guess in this case, it isn’t really good when it comes to IT security, which is odd since it has some of the best programmers and IT specialists. I agree with Marky. Let’s give Canada more time. We might see better developments in a few months.

Justin January 27, 2013

Oh, this is getting very political. I think stories such as this are unavoidable. There will always be that one but extremely huge sector that wouldn’t be happy to a specific legislation, especially if it hurts them. It’s hard to comment on something like this because from the way things are going, the issue is becoming more sensitive. Perhaps my only worry is that the focus has shifted away from protection. From the way things are going, this will take some time to get settled, or worse it will never have its wings and be allowed to fly.

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