Lisa S. January 4, 2013

I think we’ll see more spam from organizations and companies. There might be no important elections this year but in my opinion politicians and other organizations will get more active in email campaigns, which automatically means more spam. Companies, such as MsDonalds, Walmart, etc. are still low on the list of spammers but I think this is because they haven’t adopted email marketing to the fullest. In other words, a shift towards semi-legit forms of spam can be expected in 2013.

Leila January 28, 2013

Based on the comments I read here, most don’t want to create a clear distinction between spam and phishing. As for me, I believe that phishing is definitely more dangerous than spam. In fact, I find spam more laughable these days because most of them now end up in the Junk Mail. Many spammers, moreover, still don’t learn, and they’re stuck with poorly written headlines and equally bad content. Phishing, however, needs more meticulous eyes and a more effective gut feel. I’ve almost fallen for it twice! The fake e-mail just sounds and looks like the regular mail I received from these companies.

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