Cass March 26, 2013

I don’t think they are attacking Australia (and New Zealand) because it’s not fair to leave them out. Obviously spammers perceive Australia as an easy victim and this is why they direct their attacks towards it. Judging by the success of their attack on Westpac, they might be right – Aussies need to tighten their security. Otherwise, they will be perceived as easy targets, which certainly will bring them many new attacks.

Jones Amore March 28, 2013

Westpac, and Australia in general, need to tighten or reinforce their online security. Spammers are getting more and more creative (and complicated), so companies and individuals need to do the same. As you mentioned, the scary fact here is not the attack itself, but the fact that spammers were able to go through the detection software. And Australia is not just any country; it’s one of the most advanced in the world! If they are susceptible to attacks like this, then we should start to worry, too. Anti-spam developers should find a way to constantly stay ahead of the game.

Cathy Laine March 29, 2013

Obviously, this problem isn’t limited to Australia only. It’s happening in every corner of the globe. But maybe the country and the continent is thrown into the spotlight because this is an irony. Just when they try to be staunch defenders of the users’ inboxes, a news like this came about, showing how weak their system is that even their very own large bank becomes prone to what is a very common type of spam attack.

Senad April 8, 2013

Reading this post (as well as other ones here), and I can’t believe I didn’t know about this website before. So much valuable information and a quality contribution from users, it’s pure gold. Big, big, thank you for making these resources available to readers.
Anyway, I am from Australia and I have experienced the Westpac spam first hand (it kept coming to my inbox). Normally it’s a PayPal or FedEX type of spam, so I was a bit surprised to see the bank being used. Well, not totally, as nothing surprises me any more these days.
Once again, love this site, bookmarked it, and it looks great as well – big thumbs up to webmaster.

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