Rob May 29, 2013

I’m pretty skeptical this update will clean spam from search results. The previous updates didn’t – they only shattered the landscape a bit but still spammy results continued to come at the top. Rather, these updates are good to promote PPC – if you want traffic, pay for it because when you rely on the free stuff (i.e. SEO), you can quickly land from page 1 onto page 101.

Joan Marie May 29, 2013

I’m glad that none of the sites I work on are in the Penguin 2.0 losers list! I work on legitimate sites, not porn or anything. But as per Marcus Tober’s statement, several “business sites were hit”. So I wanted to make sure. It’s not that we don’t practice correct SEO, it’s just that I’ve heard of stories from friends who were hit by the previous Penguin even if their sites were good ones. Anyway, Penguin 2.0 is good news for us in the White Hat SEO business, but I hope it does its job better than the first one.

Michael May 30, 2013

No porn sites on the list? Maybe it’s because they don’t need to aggressively market in the first place! They don’t look for clients. Clients come to them, and when you need something, you’re willing to turn tables and beds just to find it. Kidding, though. Well, it only shows who’s really taking all these Penguin and Panda seriously.

Arlene June 2, 2013

Haha! You actually have a point there, Michael. Honestly, all these algorithm changes are now putting SEO on such instability, and many SEO specialists find themselves busier than ever. Considering the many laws that govern these porn sites and gambling sites in the first place, as well as the laws that are imposed by the federal or the state, they don’t number many compared to commercial websites. It’s therefore not surprising most of the changes happen on the latter.

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