Katrina May 2, 2013

Nothing’s safe anymore nowadays, especially from spammers. It looks like they’ve spread their wings and embraced other methods of acquiring information that’s not theirs. I mean, like what you said, this type of work (if you can call it that!) entailed a lot of research. That’s why I believe this spamming level is scary. They now have means of getting around the fences! It’s scary to think they’re trying to find an answer to every anti-spam tool, including the new ones! So yes, I agree. We should guard – double guard! – our information! In all possible ways we can!

Mark May 16, 2013

This is very interesting. As far as I know, those who belong to the upper management are the ones who don’t clearly appreciate IT upgrades, investments, and security. After all, they’re costly, and somehow, some people below these executives also don’t know the value of a great IT system. Now with this news, I’m hoping they’ll give online security more consideration.

Sohaib May 29, 2013

There are actually a lot of factors that have caused this leak. One is the lack of security. As Mark pointed out, some companies just tend to take online threats for granted. Second is a very weak IT staff and policies. Third is aggressive data mining. Otherwise, how were they able to generate this if not for that, right?

Katrina August 3, 2013

@Mark and @Sohaib, you both are right! I know a lot of upper management people who have no idea what spam threats are all about . So they don’t care about things like upgrades and increasing IT investments. For them, as long as there’s anti-malware, safety won’t be a problem anymore. Maybe IT guys should explain things to them using simple words?…Online threats are as real as real can be and should be given the attention they deserve. Otherwise, danger will always be lurking everywhere…@Sohaib: I agree. Data mining should be part of the action plan of any company seriously fighting spam.

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