Cass May 21, 2013

You know, I start to think that all these reports about spam do the wrong job. Instead of drawing alert, they draw indifference. People get pissed of by constantly hearing about spam and they just don’t pay attention to it.

Annette May 23, 2013

Do you want to know why spam is still around? It’s because there are still people who fall for it! They believe in the empty promises of work-at-home jobs that pay thousands of dollars a month or penny stocks that are about to soar high in the next few days or even on so-called pills that make manhood grow. People just fall for them almost all the time.

Bessie Jane May 28, 2013

“Take a good long look at the waste product and understand what it is that we’re looking at.” In my opinion, this is precisely what we need to do – try to understand why spam exists and how it exists. The best way to attack a problem is not to run away from it, but to look at it straight in the eye and find ways to prevent or counteract it. In the case of spam, this can be done by regularly and religiously training people to understand spam and then work out some solutions that will fight the problem.

Arthur May 29, 2013

I agree with you, Bessie Jane. I am running a small company, and for early months, spam has been a major problem primarily because we didn’t implement controls and our staff weren’t educated enough as to the dangers. When we created a simple spam education program, we’re able to reduce our spam levels to as much as 87 percent.

Donald May 30, 2013

Yours is really not a special case, Arthur. As for me, an IT admin, I had to fight for it in the company. In my previous work, I needed to convince almost everyone, from the rank and file to the upper management, that they needed to spend on good exchange servers and update them to ensure we can fight spam properly. It exhausted me I had no other recourse but to quit.

Bessie August 2, 2013

@Arthur – Yes, small companies are almost always the first ones hit by spam, especially those that do not have secure protection. Small companies that do not consider spam education as an important part of their employee education suffer the most. It’s good to know that you decided to go the right way and train your staff. It pays a lot to be well-informed!…@Donald – I am one of those who have experienced what you went through. Doing the right thing is difficult if the people around you do not understand what you are doing – or what your intentions are. I feel bad that things didn’t turn out right for you!

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