Maria Ortiz June 28, 2013

Even if spammers realize they can use web hosts to improve their delivery rates, this won’t help them in the long run. Probably now spam from web hosts goes under the radar because it is so rare; if it becomes mainstream, spam filters will most likely evolve to catch it better. The question is how long it will take spam filters to adapt.

Chris June 29, 2013

This is one of the many reasons why we should be smart when it comes to choosing our web hosts. A lot of them are incredibly cheap, that’s true. But then again, they tend to scrimp on some of the most essential things such as security. Worse, if you go for resellers, they don’t have adequate technical support to help you out.

Alona June 30, 2013

Agree with Maria. Spam coming from web hosts is still in the baby stages, so it is expected to take a lot of people by surprise. As the cycle goes on and more of the public gets exposed to it, anti-spam developers will find solutions to fight off this spam. This doesn’t mean, however, that we should take this new spam concept sitting down. On the contrary, anti-spam developers should already be on their drawing boards figuring out ways to attack this new problem! There won’t be a perfect solution, but at least the spam can be identified and filtered.

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