Paula Marie July 20, 2013

I guess each country really has its own way of dealing with spam and its “relatives”. I’m just glad that authorities are actually doing something about it. I remember a time when people – including the authorities – were too shocked (or confused?) by the things that spam could do and nobody knew what could or should be done about it. Boy, am I glad times have changed and technology has improved! It is still not enough, though. There should always be new ways of dealing with spam as it keeps changing. And spammers are becoming more daring and confident.

Maria Ortiz July 20, 2013

This pizza is really expensive! However, I doubt they sent only 6 emails. Who on Earth will bother to send just six emails? You need to write it and this takes time. Why bother doing it unless you plan to do it largescale? So, I suspect that they either sent many more emails than 6 but were caught with 6 only, or that there is something else fishy.

Bernard July 30, 2013

Though I am glad we’re making progress with these decisions, but then again, we’re simply dealing with the small fish here. Where are the syndicates, the incredibly large and complex network of spam rings? How are we making progress with that one?

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