Norman August 13, 2013

These numbers are just estimates, so there is a chance they aren’t correct but in any case even if it were 50 per cent, this is really a lot. I guess spam and phishing have become to email what porn and illegal downloads are to Internet traffic in general – a major player, so to say. I don’t recall the exact figures for porn and illegal downloads as a percentage of Internet traffic but they were more than half of it, if not close to 3/4 for sure.

Reynold August 24, 2013

I don’t think spammers ever really stopped the things they love doing. They may have been quiet for sometime, but this doesn’t mean they weren’t doing anything damaging. I agree with Norman; spam has become synonymous with emails. It’s like a part of the whole system already. The only thing different about the whole thing is that spam doesn’t have anything good to offer email users. Again, it is important to stay updated and educated with things like this. If you are aware, at least you have an idea about what needs to be done and what should be avoided.

Douglas August 28, 2013

Spam has also become trickier with vaguer headings that sometimes you aren’t really sure if it’s spam or not. Lately also I’ve been receiving messages that say “account suspicious login,” and yet I am not fully sure whether to believe it or not because of the links attached to the message.

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