Enola August 26, 2013

“The truth is, spam will never stop.” This statement is absolutely true! No matter how many spammers are taken down, spam will continue to eat up emails. Spammers will continue to think of ways to stay away from the watchful eyes of the authorities. It’s a cycle that’s never-ending. Spammers are becoming more clever and creative now. They know how to use technology; how to use it to their advantage. So, yes, the only way to stay our of their way is to stay continually updated with spam developments, by making use of available technologies, and by continuously educating yourself and the people around you.

Arnand August 31, 2013

I see two reasons why spam levels will never die: greed and negligence. It’s greed since people just want to have what the others enjoy, so they steal other people’s lives and bank accounts. It’s negligence because all the types of information related to spam are already here. Many just pretend they exist.

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