Liz September 26, 2013

Though some studies can be very sexist, I may be inclined to believe this. The way I see it, women are generally more emotional and are there more impulsive when it comes to decisions. They receive an e-mail about a supposed hack in their PayPal account, they immediately get nervous or panicky and click on the phishing link. They see a supposed sale in a huge online shopping site, and they get very excited.

Kristina September 27, 2013

This is certainly an interesting development! I’m not really sure how to approach this, but I do agree that women are more open to the idea of doing everything online – specifically online shopping. It this is an indication that women are more susceptible to phishing, then it is definitely a big problem. I know a lot of women who can fall into this category, including members of my family and circle of friends! I guess the best thing we women can do is arm ourselves against phishing by continuously learning all that we can about this devious online scheme.

Fred September 30, 2013

Interesting take on these, ladies. I was thinking that you will be up in arms and decry the alleged claims, but you don’t. Perhaps it’s because you know that there’s a hint of accuracy there. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t mean that men are way smarter when it comes to spam. Otherwise, all those e-mails about penis enlargement and sex pill should have stopped existing.

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