Resty October 7, 2013

The holiday season is really the time when all sorts of creeps come out in full force. And spammers are definitely one of the highest ranking in the list. These “three-headed monsters” never fail to come up with ways to wreak havoc on unsuspecting individuals. They’re the reason why some people’s Christmas joys turn into blues and woes. Well, since the countdown to the Christmas season has officially started, we should also start re-assessing our online safety. We should start being more cautious and refresh our knowledge on anti-spam methods. Our anti-spam technologies should also be updated by now. There’s no surefire way of beating spam, but being extra careful, cautious and suspicious will certainly help.

Lisa S. October 16, 2013

I read somewhere that many retailers make 40 per cent of their annual turnover in the three months before Christmas. This is huge and a lot is at stake! What is more, when all your competitors are aggressively marketing (a nice euphemism for actively spamming) their stuff, if you don’t do the same, your volumes will drop big time. Companies simply cannot afford not to be aggressive at this time of the year but we customers should know how to protect ourselves against this aggression.

Marko October 30, 2013

One of the ways I prevent myself from becoming a victim of this holiday creep is to subscribe only to legitimate shopping websites. if the mail doesn’t come from them, then I don’t read them at all. I immediately send them to Junk Mail or delete them. The fact that I am receiving them without subscription, that means they’re spam.

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