Nestor October 2, 2013

I think this just proves that spammers have become wiser, more innovative and more creative. They now know a number of ways to trick people into thinking what they are opening or reading is safe and legitimate. So in terms of spam protection, the necessity of learning and updating one’s self about techniques and possible strategies is more important than ever. Nobody is safe anymore, not even those who choose to stay away from their computers by putting their attention on their mobile phones! There is spam in emails, in social networks, in SMS; there is malware in practically everywhere!

Norman October 16, 2013

Technology evolves and so does society – for good or bad. If there is something good about modern day spam, it’s that at least it doesn’t cut trees. When I recall the piles of paper that will be thrown away even before it gets into the mailbox, I can’t help but feel sorry for all the trees that were taken down just to produce this waste.

Carter October 31, 2013

Perhaps the latest twist of this whole spam saga is how it’s currently invading mobile devices. Now this is a lot scarier, since there are more people who are using their mobile devices than traditional PCs, especially for reading e-mails. it’s predicted too that their number will swell in the next few years. Yet only a very few people care about mobile security these days.

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